How does Used Underwear Store work?

Once you have an account, browse the available categories and listings that interest you. We make it extremely simple to purchase directly from our site. Start chatting with sellers using our online chat functionality or private message system. When you are ready, buy their underwear! The seller will then ship the underwear directly to you. Used Underwear Store acts as a middleman between the seller and the buyer.

Once you have an account, engage with buyers that you think will like you! Start chatting with them using our online chat functionality or private message. When they are ready to buy your underwear, all you need to do is verify that you've received payment by logging into your account and viewing the status of your customers order. We suggest that the return address on the parcel is the same as the delivery address in order to remain anonymous.


How much does it cost?

Its FREE to sign up! You only pay if your products sell.


What can I sell?

You can sell underwear, toys, videos, photos, online chat, webcam and even phone calls!